Human Resources Management

With Allium Human Resources Management (HRM), we've combined everything that other systems solve individually. Human Resource Management software allows you to manage recruitment and candidate records, compensation and benefits, attendance, goals and employee learning, and even on-boarding and off-boarding. The system works within the existing organizational structure of the company and its strategies and goals.
We deploy the solution based on the process that best suits our clients. The system is well-arranged and integrates with the other tools you use daily. In combination with Allium HRM, you will have quick access to the calendar through MS Outlook, and be able to schedule HR interviews and meetings for both the team and managers.

What HRM can do for you

Facilitation and improved efficiency

for recruitment processes


of all HR data and functions in one place

Access to the system

based on user rights - HR department, managers, candidates, and employees


and compensation of employees

Automate a variety of processes

and actions, such as attendance or vacation alerts


for the needs of your organization

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Available functionality

Faster candidate hiring

Make the hiring process easier for candidates and get responses faster for open positions, and better inform candidates about the company culture and interview process. The system allows you to organize recruitment according to your requirements and set up criteria for a narrower selection, monitor new candidates and create a pipeline for future needs.

Caring for an employee

From the first day through adjusting to the new environment and team, you can support your new colleagues with information through the HR system. Save all required documents in one place, maintain centralized employee profiles, arrange customized training for your employees and make sure your employees have well-defined priorities, goals, competencies and roles.

Attendance – leave and absence

Get an overview of attendance for yourself or your team according to their rights as a manager or part of the HR department, with the ability to track remaining holidays, taken sicknesses and business trips and shared calendar access. In this module, you can approveemployees’s requested leave, and create reports on the overall attendance of each employee.

Job evaluation

Through HRM, you can inform employees of career growth opportunities in the company or give them a chance to switch roles horizontally if they are not satisfied with their current role. To evaluate performance, we useannual reviews and forms from an employee’s probation period. Tracking this data can allow you to be better aware of ’KPI fulfillment, and be better able to calculate bonuses and set new goals according to the SMART model.


This model allows employees to access the company's educational catalog, where they can find an overview of training, e-courses, documents, multimedia, quizzes, and links. You can organize educational resources in the HRM system by category, competency or position. After an employee completes a training course, you will be able to get feedback, create a report or identify further training needs.

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