Document Management for SharePoint

Our Document Management System (DMS) is a modular solution for the centralized register, management and support of documents, including confidential document archiving. The system structurally records and stores documents of specific types in one place, such as invoices, contracts, regulations and guidelines. For many document types, the workflow process and progress can be tracked and controlled. We support digitalization, OCR and processing metadata during document registration.
In addition to DMS features, our product includes electronic register functionality, keeping track of income and consignment dispatching.. We support deployment in accordance with the legislative requirements of the Records Management System (RMS), including the requirements of the National Standard for ESSS, eIDAS and GDPR.
Our system includes support for agendas with records and processing of specific types of documents (such as incoming invoices), with links to other organization systems. This allows all agendas to share a unified platform and basic solution, and promotes a cleaner user experience.

What our Document Management can do for you


of document processing status for individuals and managers; detection of narrow processes


from a single document type to a comprehensive solution for all of your organization’s documents

Comprehensive solution

for income and consignment dispatching; integration with email and data boxes

Fulltext and parametric search

in digitalized documents

Broad access to document control options

by type, by organizational structure; compliance with GDPR

Insertion and automatic verification

of electronic signatures and time stamps; compliance with eIDAS

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Available functionality

Dokument Management - workflow

The documentation process can be controlled using a predefined workflow. The process then passes defined states, which users can change with workflow actions. The workflow definition allows for shifts and shifting conditions. Workflow schemes are created in the graphic designer, which allows you to work with the technical and management part of the design. We work with the Datapolis Process System tool, which we deliver integrated with our solution. Are workflow definitions not necessary for you and you just need to process ad-hoc shifts between users? No problem, we also support this scenario!

Digitalization, OCR and extraction

The system includes integration with scanning processes and digitalization software for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and metadata extraction (e.g. from Kofax, ABBYY, Konica Minolta, KnowledgeLake, and Iron Mountain). Therefore, all of your documents stored in DMS are searchable and contain useful metadata.

Integration with ISDS and emails

This module enables automatic downloading and sending of consignments to and from the DMS system through the data box system (ISDS), including downloading delivery notes. It can be connected to multiple data boxes at the same time. DMS can also receive emails sent to dedicated addresses (e.g. and forward it to other addresses. We also supply extensions for MS Outlook.

Electronic Signatures and Time-Stamps, eIDAS

Processing and recording of electronic documents is closely related to the identity of the author and the time of the creation of the document. This is recorded with the electronic signature and time stamp of a document, respectively. The system automatically verifies the validity of electronic signatures and time-stamps upon receipt or insertion into DMS and records this data throughout the document's life cycle.

Records Management System (RMS)

We support deployment in accordance with the legislative requirements for electronic systems of RMS, including the requirements of the National Standard for ESSS. We support document handling, file handling, file management, archiving and shredding processes, etc.

Confidential Archiving

For documents stored in the system, we are able to ensure their designation by a recognized time-stamp and periodic updating of time-stamps before they expire. Updating is usually done once a day collectively for a certain set of documents. At the same time, we are able to move the processed documents to archive storage for the purpose of building an electronic registry and archive.

Agenda Solutions

Our DMS supports records and processing agendas of a specific document type (such as incoming invoices, contracts, regulations, and more). All agendas thus share a unified platform and solution basis, which makes the user experience easier.

Access Control, GDPR

Our system supports a wide range of management options and access settings for documents. You can use authorization controls by document type or organizational structure, or a combination of both. Access can also be granted by an administrator on a per-document basis to users who are involved in the processing of the document. The product complies with GDPR requirements.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

We have extensive experience integrating our system with organizations‘ existing systems, such as CRM or ERP. For passing data from other applications to DMS, we supply documented APIs as a set of web services.

Platform SharePoint

Our solution is based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. It utilizes as many of its features as possible, optimizes its weaknesses, and expands it for document management, resulting in a powerful document management system.

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